The wide-ranging investigation into Petrobras’ corruption scandal has reached a new level of urgency with the ongoing impeachment of President Rousseff and a change of government in Brazil.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • The latest developments in the Car Wash investigation
  • The expected next steps in enforcement in Brazil and the roles of the US Department of Justice, US Securities and Exchange Commission and the UK Serious Fraud Office
  • How the operation may have impacted the impeachment proceeding of President Rousseff
  • The economic impacts of the investigation on the Brazilian economy and perspectives with the change of government

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RIO DE JANEIRO, April 7, 2016 – Attorney Salim Saud Neto announced today the founding of Saud Advogados, a new law firm based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The firm will focus on anti-corruption enforcement and compliance, litigation and arbitration, as well as general business. As a first order of business, Saud Advogados has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with US-based law firm Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP, while remaining an independent law firm.

“Today, I am very excited to launch Saud Advogados and engage in the strategic cooperation agreement with Hughes Hubbard & Reed, a top international law firm,” said Salim Saud Neto. “Together, we will collaborate to provide local and international clients with seamless legal service of the highest quality.”

“Brazil has been an active and important area of the world for us and our clients for decades, and our clients will benefit from access to local capabilities on the ground there,” said Candace K. Beinecke, Chair of Hughes Hubbard. “We have worked with Salim for a number of years, and we know the tremendous value he can bring to clients in Brazil. When Salim decided to create Saud Advogados, we jumped at the opportunity to strengthen our ties.”

Saud Advogados will initially launch in Rio de Janeiro with four attorneys. The team possesses cross-border capabilities, with each member bilingual in Portuguese and English, and some fluent in Spanish, French, Italian and German.  All Saud Advogados’ attorneys are qualified to practice in Brazil and some are also qualified to practice in other jurisdictions. The team excels both in international and domestic work.

Hughes Hubbard has worked extensively with Salim Saud Neto and his team during the past decade. As part of this new strategic cooperation, Saud Advogados and Hughes Hubbard will collaborate closely on anti-corruption and international matters. The new agreement gives Hughes Hubbard’s clients direct access to local law capabilities in Brazil, and provides an international network of lawyers for Saud Advogados’ Brazilian clients. The two firms will remain independent, according to regulations.

About Saud Advogados

With offices in Rio de Janeiro, Saud Advogados assists local and international clients in several areas of law, from anti-corruption enforcement and compliance, to litigation and arbitration, as well as general business.  The team’s area of focus includes cross-border capabilities, with each member bilingual in Portuguese and English, and additional proficiencies in Spanish, French, Italian and German. Saud Advogados provides clients access to a US and global perspective through its strategic cooperation agreement with Hughes Hubbard & Reed, a New York-based international law firm. The firm routinely handles matters affecting every continent, and coordinates and advises on matters that involve multiple jurisdictions.

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