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Patrícia Carvalho Zebulum
M +55 21 96701-4544
T +55 21 3558-0600

Patrícia Carvalho Zebulum has about 20 years of diversified professional experience, working in the public and private sectors and in companies in Brazil and abroad. Complementing her education abroad, Patrícia worked in France as a compliance professional in the Integrity Division of a large French group in the petrochemical and energy sector, assisting in the development of its integrity program based on the fight against corruption according to French and American anti-corruption laws (Sapin 2 and FCPA), the prevention of fraud, the respect of competition law and the treatment of conflicts of interest.

As an in-house counsel, Patrícia has specialized in the areas of Corporate Law, M&A, Contracts and Banking Law, having worked in the Legal Departments of a renowned Brazilian multinational in the mining sector and of a subsidiary of a large North American bank. Additionally, Patrícia has experience in the Prosecutor’s Office.

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Master’s degree in International Law and International Organizations with the presentation of the thesis “Mediation as an alternative method of dispute resolutions related to foreign investments”

Instituto Brasileiro de Mercado de Capitais — IBMEC, MBA in Corporate Law

Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro – UERJ, Bachelor of Law (JD equivalent)

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Portuguese, English, French, Spanish

Professional Activities

  • Structured and implemented the steps for the compliance of the integrity department of a French multinational in the petrochemical and energy industry with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in coordination with the Data Protection Officer (DPO).
  • Assisted in mapping and managing corruption and fraud risks and in preparing corrective action plans.
  • Prepared due diligence reports for background check of third parties and to support M&A operations.
  • Analyzed and synthesized audit and internal control reports for monitoring the effectiveness of the integrity program.
  • Responsible for updating internal rules of regarding compliance and GDPR.
  • Responsible for the corporate management of a portfolio of companies belonging to a Brazilian multinational in the mining sector and the subsidiary of a large North American bank.