Pró-Ética is an initiative developed by the Office of the Comptroller General (CGU) that seeks to encourage the voluntary adoption of compliance mechanisms and procedures by Brazilian and multinational companies, through public recognition of companies that are committed to implementing measures aimed at preventing, detecting and remediating corruption and fraud misconducts, as well as promoting

The Brazilian Central Bank published on August 29, 2017, Resolution N. 4,595, which establishes Compliance guidelines for financial institutions and credit unions.

The institutions subject to regulation by the Central Bank shall implement a compliance program no later than December 31 this year. Among other aspects, the Resolution establishes that:

  • )   The institutions shall assign

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 7, 2016 – Attorney Salim Saud Neto announced today the founding of Saud Advogados, a new law firm based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The firm will focus on anti-corruption enforcement and compliance, litigation and arbitration, as well as general business. As a first order of business, Saud Advogados has entered