In order to clarify some of the questions regarding the compatibility of Governmental bodies with the LGPD’s compliance standards, the Brazilian Federal Government recently launched an adequacy diagnosis, in the form of a questionnaire, which seeks to investigate the level of symmetry that entities linked to the Federal Government have with regard to the new data protection Law. The questions include items related to corporate governance, legal compliance, transparency, data traceability, standard contracts, information security and data breach.

Furthermore, the Federal Government, which had previously made a Good Practices Guide, has issued some Operational Guidelines that address specific data protection topics and that guides the way to be followed by the entities seeking to comply with the new Law. It is also worth noting that the Guidelines are accompanied by case studies, videos and interactive presentations that simplify the transmission of content.

Although these documents were targeted to public bodies and agencies linked to the Federal Government, the material can be used by any company that seeks to align its practices with the standards established by LGPD, as it clarifies the most general topics of the Law and instructs the correct path to be followed, in an accessible way.

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